Product description The AMJ Modules and Couplers which are commonly used in the office world are effectively protected against ingress of solid impurities measuring more than 1 mm in diameter, as well as against water jets from all directions, by a housing with protection class IP44. With its compact size of 75x86x58 mm, the housing can not only accommodate up to two data outlets, but is also unbreakable. The grey housing is available with one or two cable entries. A splash-proof transparent label (21x59 mm) permits identification of the ports. The Terminal Outlet (TO) is completed tool-less by snapping in the corresponding modules and coupler into the single or double gang inserts. The SC Duplex adaptor can also additionally be mounted with screws. Performance Characteristics Degree of Protection IP44 little space required for two data outlets (dimensions: 75x86x58 mm) unbreakable housing port identification via splash-proof, transparent label either single or double gang inserts for AMJ Modules,Couplers, SC duplex adaptors spring-loaded hinged cover for easy access to the jacks tool-free mounting (snap-in) of the AMJ Modules and Couplers either snapping and/or screwing SC Duplex adaptors
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